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A why choose, steamy sci-fi fantasy romance series


"In a place where legends come alive and darkness hides more than truths, trust is a luxury I might not be able to afford."

One year ago, my sister vanished without a trace...

The police have their theories, but nothing adds up for me. Desperate for answers, I seize the opportunity to fill her shoes as public relations at the isolated Meridian Station, famous for its exclusive exhibitions of the rare and mystical genetically modified horses called Druadan.
Under a veil of secrecy, I know I must grow close to the three men who are the last to see her alive:

Heath: the proud manager
Carter: the charismatic rider
Logan: the brooding head of security.

But the deeper I venture into their world, the more I become entangled in a web of desires, deceptions, and looming danger. Meridian Station is a place where legends intertwine with reality, and myths become tangible.

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The prequel novella to Bridge of Eternity, book one of the Vela fantasy novel series, this gripping tale of war, sacrifice, fate, and awakening passion will resonate through the ages.


As the ancient city of Ur falls to invading forces, Enheduanna, High Priestess of the goddess Inanna, finds her faith and strength tested like never before. When Commander Hirun of the enemy army spares her life, an unexpected connection sparks between them amidst the chaos of war.

Armed with an ancient bronze statue imbued with Inanna's divine power, Enheduanna fights to protect both her people and a relic destined for a heroic guardian who will one day rise against the encroaching darkness.

Though courage alone may not be enough, Enheduanna's unwavering spirit blazes brightly to inspire those around her. 

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VELA SERIES Novella prequel

Author Amelia Cole


Adult urban fantasy adventure series inspired by Mesopotamian Mythology 

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Amelia Cole is a fantasy and sci-fi romance author. She lives in Washington state with her husband and two children.

Her debut myth-inspired Vela series includes Bridge of Eternity and Breaker of Mountains.

The first in her steamy, dystopian romance Druadan Legacy series will be released in March 2024.

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