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The Druadan Legacy series is an adult romance where the main character will end up with multiple love interests. It is set on a distant earth, where centuries of rising seas have transformed the land masses into a scattering of islands.

One year ago, my sister vanished without a trace...

The police have their theories, but nothing adds up for me. Desperate for answers, I seized the opportunity to fill her shoes as the public relations at the isolated Meridian Station, famous for its exclusive invite-only exhibitions of the rare and mystical genetically modified horses called druadan.
Under a veil of secrecy, I know I must grow close to the three men who are the last to see her alive: 
Heath, the proud manager, Carter, the charismatic rider
and Logan, the brooding head of security.

But the deeper I venture into their world, the more I become entangled in a web of desires, deceptions, and looming danger.

Shadowbound is the first in an adult, dystopian sci-fi set on a future Earth. It is a 'why choose' romance, where the main character will end up with more than one love interest. It may have triggers for some, including violence, death, and depression. It is intended for 18+ readers.

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